Am I Good Enough to be an Author?

Hello March!

It’s the third month of the year!  For some people daily choices are becoming new habits. For others, it’s been a struggle trying to figure out where to start. Sometimes the fear of not being able to accomplish a goal by a certain time frame can be overwhelming. We can all agree that goals without works are ideas that have no oxygen. Ideas cannot breathe, be alive and serve the purpose until we decide that they are worthy of being realities. There would be a lot of empty bookshelves if ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell decided that those stories weren’t worth publishing. Yes, I know what you are thinking.

“Am I good enough to be an author?”

“Will people read my book ?”

“What if they don’t like what I write?”

I get it these thoughts are normal but somewhere in this world is a person that needs to read your words. Your words can bring light, hope, or be a life vest and save someone. You never know until you write. Don’t let a time frame or thoughts keep you from writing that book. And yes, it is so worth publishing.

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