Book Submission

The mission of Watersprings Publishing is to publish books that renew the mind, refresh the spirit, and restore the soul. We accept books for the Christian marketplace, as well as children’s books, educational, business, poetry, and cookbooks. Self-publishing is also an entry into entrepreneurship. Authors who understand this from the beginning will be more prepared for all the work and time involved in the self-publishing process.

We evaluate manuscripts holistically and individually, assessing its strengths and readiness for publishing. If you are unsure if you are ready to publish, take our assessment and answer some questions to test your readiness. Before you submit your book for publishing, please download our manuscript submission checklist. We do not want your first draft, we want your best draft. (Note: Writers who get their manuscripts edited before submission increases the quality of the work and readiness for the publishing process.) Books that require a lot of developmental re-working will not be accepted at this time, but we will provide recommendations for a writing coach and/or a developmental editor.

Book Submission Steps

Step 1: Take our assessment: Are you ready to publish?

Step 2: Download and review our manuscript submission checklist.

Step 3: Submit your manuscript for review below, pay $35 application fee here.

Upon receipt, our editorial team will be assessing the strength of your manuscript, content, flow, clarity, and marketability. Submitting a manuscript and application fee does not indicate our intent to publish. You will receive a response after the review process. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for a response. We will contact you if we need additional information from you. We are excited about the possibility to bring new books to the market and look forward to reading your submissions. If you have any questions about the publishing process, feel free to schedule a call with us.