31 Days of SONshine





Life’s distractions and disappointments can leave even the strongest person disengaged and unfocused. Then, slowly adopting negative vices, habits and lifestyle. It is a well-known fact that in order to develop a solid habit one must be consistent in performing a specific action for 30 days to see self-actualization in their lifestyle. Therefore, the result of a supernatural, inspired habit for 30, plus one day, will be the enlargement of a Christian-inhabited lifestyle. Janice J. Browne, Ph.D., has done a brilliant job of sharing heaven’s supernatural light into an inspiring, devotional collection. This book will challenge you to open your mind, soul, body and spirit to 31 true, inspirational stories and devotional reflections filled with faith, hope and encouragement.

Your 31-day journey will include:
-a 31-day commitment between reader and author
-scriptures and inspirational quotes to start the day
-inspirational and heart-warming life lessons
-a daily prayer
-thought-provoking questions for journaling
-a “Ray of SONshine” thought to conclude each day

AUTHOR – Janice J Browne