Book Marketing Services

With over 20 years experience in marketing, we know the necessity of a strategic marketing plan. You have written a book, now it’s time to market it to the world.  Whether you have marketing experience or not, you must have a plan and promotional materials to market your book. Great books don’t sell themselves which is why we created a variety of book marketing services for every budget and experience level.

Branded Promotional Images

“Buy my book,” is not a marketing message. It’s a desperate ploy for sales that turn buyers off. Our branded book marketing images will tease your readers with a perfect balance of excerpts and/or quotes along with sales information. Used strategically, they will build anticipation for your book and create demand for a strong book launch.

Book Launch Marketing Plan

Marketing may not your strong suit, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your book marketing to chance.  We’ve developed a strategic, 6-week book launch marketing plan will give you step-by-step instructions for reaching your target audience.

Book Marketing Planning & Strategy session

90-minute strategy session for developing a consistent marketing plan for book. After submitting a brief questionnaire we walk through your goals and vision then create a plan complete with proven tactics to bring it all to fruition.

Book Marketing Bundles

We’ve bundled our most popular book marketing services based on need.  All of which is designed to give you a marketing plan and marketing assets to promote your book.

  • The Basic Book Marketing Bundle gives you a proven, 6-week book launch plan and promotional images/video.
  • The digital book marketing package is ideal for the author who wants a one-on-one session to develop a custom marketing plan, learn the best practices for handling book sales and shipping along with promotional images to use for the book launch.
  • The event book marketing package is for the author who wants a custom marketing plan and a mix of digital promotional images and event marketing resources to promote their book.
  • We can also create a custom marketing package to meet your specific needs and budget. Just ask.


  • – 6-week book launch marketing plan
  • – Promotional images
  • – :20 teaser video


-90-minute strategy & planning session

– 15 promotional images

– 2 teaser videos

– book shipping tutorial


– 90-minute strategy & planning session

– 5 promotional images

– 33 x 80 retractable, vertical banner,


– 1 Tshirt

– Shipping tutorial