Our Publishing Services

The mission of Watersprings Media House, LLC. is to provide affordable and professional publishing and marketing services to help authors fulfill their purpose and bring their voices to the print marketplace. We provide author and full publishing services to meet the needs of every Authorpreneur. While we specialize in faith-based books, we publish most genres of books.

We know the self-publishing process has its advantages and disadvantages. The quicker entry into the marketplace, creative freedom and higher royalties are great benefits to self-publishing. However, it is an incredible investment of time, skill and financial resources, all of which can become overwhelming.

However, we believe that self-publishing shouldn’t be a lonely process. Therefore, we have designed our business model to be more than a vendor but a partner with you on the self-publishing journey. We publish books under the Watersprings Media House imprint.  This means your book is published with your complete control while you retain 100% rights and net royalties.

  • ISBN and barcode
  • Library of Congress Number and Registration 
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Interior page design and professional typesetting
  • Cover design
  • EBook file conversion and formatting
  • International, wholesale distribution and print on demand fulfillment
  • Placement on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and over 25,000 online retail locations
  • Public Relations & Publicity services
  • Book event resources
  • Book marketing materials, resources and training
  • Ongoing publishing support

All packages require $250 deposit and payment schedules can be arranged for balance.